David Hawks shares an approach to transformations, projects, and large change initiatives by starting with the intended business outcomes.

Show Notes

Many transformations and large initiatives fail or don’t achieve their intended value. While the transformation, project, or large initiative may be “done”, if it doesn’t result in its intended business value, it has failed.

Part of the reason for this is a lack of alignment. We often see transformations and large initiatives where the transformation or initiative itself is the goal. The effort is focused on the wrong goal or intention.

Instead, we need to start with the end in mind. Understand what the outcome you’re trying to achieve is and focus on the activities that will help achieve that outcome. Begin with the end in mind.

The goal is not to implement Agile practices or deliver Project X. The goal is to get the business outcome resulting from that change.

Listen to the full episode to understand how to gain alignment and ensure your initiative is enabling the right outcomes.


Challenge yourself on your current of next initiative to think about the intended outcomes you’re trying to produce. Are why we’re undertaking this initiative if you don’t already have a clear understanding. What would success look like from a business outcome perspective?


David Hawks

David Hawks is the Founder and Chief Agilist of Agile Velocity. He’s a Certified Enterprise Coach and Certified Scrum Trainer who is passionate about helping organizations achieve true agility beyond the basic implementation of Agile practices.

David’s primary focus is to guide leaders through their Agile transformation by helping to create successful transformation strategies and effectively manage organizational change with a focus on achieving real business results.

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