Paul Pelletier helps us to understand the root causes of disrespectful behaviors at work and how to address them.

Show Notes

Have you ever witnessed toxic behaviors that bring down a team or lead to project failures?  Bad behaviors can come in a variety of forms; from rolling your eyes when someone is talking to outright bullying.

These disrespectful behaviors disrupt meetings, lead to a lack of collaboration, and cost organizations millions of dollars each year in failed projects and employee turnover. 

But what can we do about these bad behaviors? Paul Pelletier provides some tips and advice on how to approach these issues and address them before they have a negative effect on the team.

Listen to the full episode to understand the root cause of these disrespectful behaviors and how to address them.

Addressing Bad Behaviors at Work

Spend a few minutes creating rules of engagement or ground rules with the team so that you can refer back to what was agreed when bad behaviors start.

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Paul Pelletier

Paul Pelletier has been a corporate lawyer, an executive, a project manager, and is frequent keynote speaker.  He’s a ground breaking expert in bullying, workplace respect & conflict management and the author of “The Workplace Bullying Handbook”.

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