Lori Silverman helps us get real value from data by developing core competence and creating the culture needed to support collaborative data-informed decision making.

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Many organizations are trying to use data for better decision making. Unfortunately, most aren’t getting the value they expected. Recent research suggests that people and process are impediments to seeing value from data efforts.

To get to collaborative informed decision making and getting real business value from data, we need to change our culture and develop core competencies across the organization.

What’s missing from most organizations is an understanding of the decision making process that we’re using. What is the model or framework you’re going to use in a collaborative way to get the right parties involved and for the right data to be collected to make the right decision?

We need people who can shepherd organizations from data to decisions to actions to real business results.

Listen to the full episode to understand how to help your organization make this shift and the role you can play to promote collaborative informed decision making.

Beyond Data Literacy: Shepherd your organization from data to results

Start asking questions related to metrics and data. How will the data be used? What question are we trying to answer? What actions will we take based on the data?

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Lori Silverman

For almost 30 years, Lori Silverman has helped firms develop and implement successful long-term strategies. Lori was the Program Director for the Project Management Master’s Certificate at UW-Madison and taught in UW-Milwaukee’s Project Management Certificate Program. She is an author and keynoted at several industry conferences.

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