Michael Roberts helps us understand what DevOps is and how it affects the role of Business Analysts.

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Many organizations are using DevOps to benefit their customers.  But what is DevOps and what role do Business Analysts play?  Is DevOps a tool set, a practice, or a way of working?

With DevOps, you try to work with smaller batches of software that can be deployed more frequently with less effort by people working together.  As much as it is a technology shift, it’s about people working better together.

If you’re already operating in an Agile environment, DevOps doesn’t change a lot of the things you’re doing.  The core business analysis skills, core capabilities, and practices still apply.  What may change is your stakeholders and your interaction with them.

DevOps helps teams deliver value quickly, so it’s important to interact with and listen to stakeholders from downstream environments.

There’s often a conflict in DevOps between the development team and the operations team.

The development team’s job is to create change by delivering new code.  For the operations team, change is bad in that it will disrupt their system and processes.  The operations team wants stability.

Business Analysts need to understand those opposing desires and how to navigate the resulting conflict.

Listen to the full episode to understand what you need to know about DevOps and why BAs play a critical role.

What DevOps Means for Business Analysts
Your Homework

Read up on DevOps practices. Some book recommendations are:
• The Phoenix Project
• Leading the Transformation
• Continuous Delivery

You can also explore an internal Center of Excellence for DevOps in your organization that will allow you to learn the tools.

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Michael Roberts

Michael Roberts is an IT industry professional with more than 20 years of experience in project management. Michael speaks publicly at many events and user groups on subjects including organizational change management, project management, Agile development process, and DevOps transformations.

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