In this episode, BriElle Bryson shares her experience stepping into a Product Owner role and helps us understand how to prepare for product ownership.

Show Notes

Being a Product Owner can be challenging.  You need to be both outward facing to customers and inward facing for the delivery team.  Ultimately, you’re responsible for the value delivered by your team.

Filling in for a Product Owner (either temporarily or as a permanent role change) be difficult, but it can also give you a new perspective on the role.

Listen to the full episode to understand the challenges associated with moving to Product Ownership and how you can better prepare.

Adventures in Product Ownership
Your Homework

Perform a self-assessment.  Are there relationship you’d like to improve?  If so, take action and set up a meeting to build that relationship.
Explore how you can better lean in and identify opportunities to shadow someone else.

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BriElle Bryson

BriElle Bryson is passionate about people and helping them make things happen.  She is the Founder and Principal Consultant of Bryson PMC, LLC, a boutique management consulting firm that combines agile project management, business operations, and professional development courses into one powerhouse punch.