In this episode, Saima Siddiqui helps us discover how to leverage your core Business Analyst skills in a different way and be successful as a Scrum Master.


After listening to this episode, you'll understand:

  • What a Scrum Master can so for an organization
  • How you can your your core BA competencies in a new context
  • The challenges you may face as a Scrum Master


 In the past, we’ve discussed where a Business Analyst fits when an organization transitions to Agile.  This may include adapting your BA practices in a different, more Agile way or transitioning to a Product Owner/Product Manager role.

Because the core business analysis skills of facilitation, problem solving, and systems thinking are applicable in many roles throughout the organization, there are other opportunities beyond becoming an Agile BA or Product Owner.  You can apply those same skills as a Scrum Master and help bring value to your organization.


Listen to the full episode to understand how to apply your BA skills in a different context and be successful as a Scrum Master.


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On your current team, start understanding how things are working and start seeing opportunities for improvement. Understand where the coaching opportunities lie and determine if you have the ability to make a positive change.

If you don’t have the answers or ability, seek out others to help support the team and fill in your skill and knowledge gaps.


Saima Siddiqui

Saima Siddiqui

Agile Coach

Saima Siddiqui is an Agile Coach and Program Leader.  Earlier in her career, she was a Business Analyst and transitioned from BA to Scrum Master.  Saima was able to apply her core BA skills to be successful in the role of Scrum Master for her organization.


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