In this episode, James Robertson shares some of the challenges associated with an Agile transformation and how Business Analysts can provide the most value to the organization.


After listening to this episode, you'll understand:

  • What challenges BAs face in an Agile transformation
  • Why many projects fail to meet expected outcomes
  • How you can discover the real problem to solve
  • Why you shouldn’t start with a backlog


One  of the biggest challenges organizations face is understanding the right problem to solve and creating the right solution to solve that problem.

Listen to the full episode to understand how to overcome the challenges associated with an Agile transformation and how you can provide more value to your organization.



Challenge the next solution you’re presented with to make sure you’re solving the right problem.  Also, try to generate solutions to address the real business problem.


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James Robertson

James Robertson

James Robertson is a consultant, teacher, author, and project leader whose area of concern is the requirements for products and the contribution that good requirements make to successful projects.

He is the author of the new book, Business Analysis Agility: Solve the Real Problem, Deliver Real Value.  He also co-founded the Volere approach to requirements engineering.


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