In this episode, Emal Bariali helps us understand the three types of Business Analysts and how you can use these archetypes to find the right job or advance your career.


After listening to this episode, you'll understand:

  • What the three different types of BA roles are
  • The two questions you need to answer to understand your career direction
  • How the BA archetypes can help you focus your job seach or grow in your career


One of the biggest challenges people who want to start a Business Analyst career face is sifting through the job postings and trying to decipher what the company is really looking for.  There’s a wide variety of skills and knowledge required across job postings.

By understanding the three types of Business Analyst roles will help you to better understand the type of Business Analyst the employer is looking for in their job postings.  Armed with this knowledge, you can focus your job search on roles aligned with your skills and interests.

The three Business Analyst archetypes are:

  1. Business Process Analyst (BPA): Analysts focusing on the business side of things
  2. Business Systems Analyst (BSA): Analysts focusing on the system side of things
  3. Generalist BA: Analysts understanding “just enough” of business side and systems side and has the flexibility to work in varying situations

To understand which of these archetypes is most aligned to your career goals, ask yourself two strategic career questions:

  1. How technical would you like to be (what is your technical aptitude)?
  2. How specialized do you want to be (what does the job market in your area demand)?

These questions will help you to better understand which archetype is best for you.


Listen to the full episode to understand which archetype has the highest income potential, which is best aligned to move into a Product Owner role, and how the archetypes can help you focus your skill development to take your career to the next level.



Examine the three BA archetypes and decide which most aligns with the type of work you want to do.  With this knowledge, focus your job search on only those positions matching your desired archetype.

If you’re already a Business Analyst and looking to grow your career, use the archetypes to identify the type of training or skill growth you need.


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Emal Bariali

Emal Bariali

Senior Business Analysis Consultant

Emal is an accomplished Senior Business Analyst & Business Architect with nearly 20 projects executed over the last 14 years of his BA career.  As a BA consultant, Emal has helped multiple clients clarify their visions, secure funding for their projects, and execute projects to deliver solutions.  His project experience ranges from fully-waterfall to fully-agile and everything in between.


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