In this episode, IIBA President Ken Fulmer discusses the IIBA’s Agile Analysis certification; What it means for your organization and for your career.


After listening to this episode, you'll understand:

  • What the current environment looks like for Agile BAs
  • What the Agile Analysis certification is and its value
  • How the IIBA developed the Agile Analysis exam
  • What you can do to prepare for the certification exam


As more organizations shift to an Agile way of working, many Business Analysts are unsure what this change means for their role.

In today’s business environment, we see organizations across the full spectrum of Agile adoption.  A few companies are fully Agile in both practices and mindset.  However, most organizations currently operate in a bi-modal manner, applying both Agile and Waterfall approaches as they move along their Agile adoption journey.

To support consistency in the use of effective practices and to establish a common language among practitioners, the International Institute for Business Analysis (IIBA) recently rolled out a new Agile Analysis certification.  The certification brings credibility to the role of a Business Analyst in an Agile environment and helps show that analysis is a much needed skill, even in Agile.


Listen to the full episode to get Ken’s tips for operating in an Agile environment and preparing for the Agile Analysis exam.




Start reviewing the material in the Agile Extension to the BABOK.  Not only will the information help you prepare for the Agile Analysis exam, it will also give you a new way of looking at working in an Agile environment and provide tools and techniques you can use in that context.


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Ken Fulmer

Ken Fulmer

President and CEO of IIBA International

Ken is the President and CEO of the International Institute for Business Analysis.  The IIBA is a global professional association for business analysis that’s expanding its expertise to new digital and leading edge practices to continue to apply analysis to both individual practitioner capability and to assist organizations in achieving better business


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