In this episode, you’ll discover how Lean Six Sigma can help you bring value to your organization and be a differentiator for your career.


After listening to this episode, you'll understand:

  • What Lean Six Sigma is and how it’s different than Six Sigma
  • Why reducing variation is critical
  • How learning Lean Six Sigma can boost your career


Lean Six Sigma is a methodology that you can use to improve performance by removing waste and reducing variation. It combines practices from lean and lean manufacturing with Six Sigma to eliminate waste and ensure quality.


Listen to the full episode to understand how to get started with Lean Six Sigma and how it may help you in your career.




Start getting familiar with the terminology and tools of Lean Six Sigma. The “Dummy” series of books is a good place to start.


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Vincent Mirabelli

Vincent Mirabelli

Vince Mirabelli is a project and process improvement speaker, trainer and coach. In addition to his speaking and training, Vince is a PMP, CBAP, Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt certified, and holds a Masters certification in Business Analysis.  You can learn more about Vince on his website,


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