In this episode, you’ll discover ways to help people in your organization adapt to the change associated with a new initiative; a key to successfully overcoming resistance.


After listening to this episode, you'll understand:

  • Why people respond differently to change
  • How to discover where people are on the change curve
  • Ways to help people move from the status quo to a new beginning

Show Notes

To successfully implement large change initiatives in an organization, you need to go beyond requirements, training, and change management. You need Change Leadership to help people adjust to the change.

People affected by a change often have an emotional response to the change.  The response can be similar to the stages of grief as represented by the Kubler-Ross Change Curve.

Kubler Ross Change Curve

At each stage of the change curve, you may observe different reactions and emotions.  As change agents, it’s our responsibility to help people through the change and lessen the associated drop in productivity and other negative impacts.

There are actions that we can take to overcome resistance to change if we are able to identify where an individual is on the change curve.  Your response should be appropriate for the stage of the change in which an individual finds themselves.

Are they at the Ending stage where they experience loss and need to let go of the status quo?  Are they in the Transition stage battling strong emotions such as fear?  Are they in the New Beginnings stage, exploring possibilities and starting to integrate the change into their life?

Adapting to change

Listen to the full episode to understand how to identify where people are along the change curve and help them adapt to the change.



Your Homework

On your next change initiative, consider the human side.  Examine what people are losing as part of the change and help individuals along the change curve.


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