In this episode, author, consultant, and thought leader Karl Wiegers shares his tips and advice on getting started with consulting.

After listening to this episode, you'll understand:

  • The difference between consulting and contract work
  • How to build a personal brand
  • The pros and cons of going it alone
  • How to get up to speed quickly in a new environment

Show Notes

Have you ever thought about leaving your corporate job and starting your own consulting business?  There’s a lot to consider; finances, travel, finding new clients, etc.

The upside is that you can potentially make more money as an independent consultant and you’ll have more freedom.  Striking out on your own also comes with challenges.

Even if you don’t want to leave your corporate job go it alone, Karl shares his tips on building your personal brand, getting up to speed quickly on a new project, and more information that you can use.


Listen to the full episodes to understand the benefits and challenges with striking out on your own as a consultant as well as tips you can use in your current role.



Your Homework

Take an inventory of all of the intellectual property that you have available that may be valuable to your perspective clients. This includes templates, processes, checklists, spreadsheet tools, whitepapers, and presentations.

After you have an inventory, think about how you can use that intellectual property in multiple ways.
Be sure to respect ownership and copyrights associated with any materials.


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Karl Wiegers

Karl Wiegers

Principal Consultant at Process Impact

Karl Wiegers is an independent consultant, author, speaker, and thought leader in the project community.  His books on software requirements are considered required reading for Business Analysts and Project Managers.  As a consultant and trainer, Karl has worked with more than 100 companies and government organizations of all types, helping them improve the effectiveness and efficiency of their software development activities. Additionally, his publications have been recognized as helpful contributions to the domains of software requirements, process improvement, project management, and quality improvement.


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