In this episode, Kevin Brennan helps us to understand the impact of digital transformations and what you need to do to adapt to this shift.


After listening to this episode, you'll understand:

  • How the digital revolution and digital transformations change the way organizations work
  • What digital transformation means for your role as a business analyst
  • How to adapt your approach in a digital environment

Show Notes

Digital transformation is more than just a buzzword.  It’s building the capability to respond and adapt to today’s rapidly changing environment. It requires a new way of working while delivering and innovating along the way.

A digital transformation is something that fundamentally changes the way a company does business.  It involves using software to change the way you interact with customers or the way you develop solutions.

Business Analysts need to look at how software is developed and used across the enterprise in a whole new light.

We’re no longer simply automating existing processes.  In a digital transformation, we’re creating something entirely new that hasn’t existed before.

This means that stakeholders may not know exactly what we want.  We need to move forward with more Agile forms of analysis and help teams iterate on solutions that integrate with all parts of the business.


Listen to the full episode to hear Kevin’s advice on how Business Analysts can adapt and provide move value in a digital world.



Your Homework

Start learning about one or two technologies that may be relevant in your business. Then, think about how your organization might apply these new technologies and benefit from your knowledge.

Try to move away from the mindset of simply giving stakeholders what they ask for. Shift your role to an advisor and discover what they truly need. Think in terms of creating more value for your customers. Look at software requirements as secondary to that objective.


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Kevin Brennan

Kevin Brennan

Kevin Brennan is an association executive and business transformation architect, and works as an independent consultant based in Toronto, Canada. He has been a leader in the business analysis community for over a decade, as a member of IIBA’s board and executive team and shepherding the BABOK Guide through three major releases.  Kevin has led organizations through strategic and business unit planning and execution, played a leadership role in enterprise change, developed and launched multiple products for a global audience, and managed a product portfolio through the entire product lifecycle.


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