In part 2 of this episode, Ken Fulmer, CEO and President of the International Institute for Business Analysis (IIBA), joins us to discuss some new initiatives at the IIBA and how the IIBA can help you advance your skills and grow in your career.

After listening to this episode, you'll understand:

  • What the Global Thought Leadership Program is all about and how you can participate
  • What the latest BA Salary Survey reveals
  • How your local IIBA chapter can help you

Show Notes

Professional associations are a great resource for developing your skills and growing in your career.  For Business Analysts, there’s no better association than the International Institute for Business Analysis (IIBA).

The IIBA has several initiatives available to better support people in the analysis field.

Global Thought Leadership Program

The Guide to the Business Analysis Body of Knowledge (BABOK) is the gold standard for business analysis and the IIBA continues to improve and extend the knowledge areas.

Through the Global Thought Leadership Program, the IIBA dives deeper into areas such as strategic business analysis, design thinking, digital, artificial intelligence, data analysics, and more.  By bringing together teams of experts in each area, the IIBA goes further into each knowledge area to develop a deeper understanding and bring that knowledge to members to help them achieve better business outcomes.

This program expands the role and the reach of the Business Analyst and prepares us for the future.  It also allows interested members of the community to contribute, learn, and grow.


The Competency Model version 3.0

While version 3.0 of the Core Competency Model is part of the BABOK, the IIBA is developing a self-assessment based on that model to help you understand your strengths and development areas.

The assessment will show you not only your skill in each competency area, but also the depth of understanding.

Additionally, the IIBA is developing a competency model that goes beyond the individual and identifies the capabilities of the enterprise.


Salary Survey

The latest version of the annual salary survey is now available and it shows some interesting facts.  The survey is based on responses from approximately 5,300 people within the global business analysis community.

For the first time, we see evidence that certifications result in a higher pay level.  People with certifications earn about 11% more than those without certifications.

The survey also shows an increase in hybrid roles.  Business Analysts are frequently involved in project management, testing, business architecture, change management, and more.

While the gender pay gap is an issue in most industries, this year’s salary survey shows that on average, females in Business Analysis roles earn more than men.  The survey also details expected future salary increases for the role.


Listen to the full episode to hear how to get involved in the Global Thought Leadership Program, how the IIBA is partnering with other professional associations to share knowledge and deal with hybridization of roles, and the new salary survey.



Your Homework

Get a copy of the Agile Extension from the IIBA’s websiteand read it.  It contains a lot of useful information to help you to be effective in an Agile environment.

Get involved in the Global Thought Leadership Program.  To express your interest in participating, send an email to or


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Ken Fulmer

Ken Fulmer

CEO and President of IIBA International

Ken is the President and CEO of the International Institute for Business Analysis.  The IIBA is a global professional association for business analysis that’s expanding its expertise to new digital and leading edge practices to continue to apply analysis to both individual practitioner capability and to assist organizations in achieving better business outcomes.


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