In this episode, Kupe Kupersmith shares a new competency framework for the next generation of professionals in the project field.

After listening to this episode, you'll understand:

  • Why the current environment requires new competencies
  • How focusing on four critical areas can lead to success
  • What to do to make your team and your customers awesome

Show Notes

The world is more complex and changing faster than ever.  The skills and competencies that got you where you are today won’t get you to the next level.

The Next Generation Competency Framework helps you to understand the skills and ways of working that will allow you to succeed in today’s environment.  The framework combines four focus areas and key competencies within those areas:

  • See Opportunity: Having a customer focus and applying approaches that help identify opportunities and discover real value
  • Decide Smarter Faster: Focusing on approaches that will help you learn quickly, make good decisions, and manage risk
  • Engage for Buy-In: Using improv and other playful inquiry techniques to have fun while developing better engagement
  • Evolve the Culture: Developing relationships and an environment that contributes to success


Next Generation Competencies

Listen to the full episode to hear all of the details about this Next Generation Competency Framework.



Your Homework

Reframe the work you do to center around decisions. With the work that you’re doing, how are you helping someone make a decision?

You’re helping people make decisions about priorities and opportunities to go after. Figure out the criteria people need to make that decision. That should drive the work you do.


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Kupe Kupersmith

Kupe Kupersmith

As the founder of KupeTalks and Atlanta Engagement Director, Market Rate Consulting, Kupe’s main objective is to help you connect, collaborate, and be ready for the future. For the past 20 years, Kupe has been helping organizations achieve business value with an improvisational advantage.

Kupe is an author, keynote speaker, coach and a trained improv actor. Some think Broccoli & Cheetos is an odd combination, but you will be delighted with Kupe’s combination of laughter and learning. Kupe is a connector and has a goal in life to meet everyone!


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