In this episode, Alan Klement shows us how Jobs to be Done can help you design better products and spur innovation.  Jobs to be Done (JTBD) is a mixture of design thinking, lean startup, and agile to help you make great products that people will love.

After listening to this episode, you'll understand:

  • What Customer Jobs (Jobs to be Done) are
  • How to use JTBD to create better solutions for your customers
  • Why using JTBD helps you to innovate and get better results

Show Notes

Jobs to be Done (JTBD) is a mixture of design thinking, lean startup, and agile to help you make great products that people will love.

One of the core concepts behind Customer Jobs (Jobs to be Done) is that competition is defined in the mind of the customer.  To put it another way, the market itself is what defines competition.


The Customer Needs Paradigm

Instead of traditional thinking by Product Owners, Analysts, Innovators, and others where we have a narrow view of what our products are, JTBD helps to expand our view.  We usually focus on customer needs.

In reality, customers think in terms of the transformation they want; the “new me”.  Humans want to evolve.  The idea of self-betterment drives us to buy and use new products.

If we can better understand the job they need to be fulfilled (their Job to be Done), we can innovate and develop products will buy and use.  We can also use those insights to change our strategies to retain existing customers and find new ones.


Here’s JTBD in action.  Increasing milkshake sales using Jobs to be Done


Listen to the full episode to usderstand how to use JTBD to innovate and create products will love.



Your Homework

Talk to customers who no longer use your product to find out why they left.  Do this even for internal customers who aren’t using solutions you’ve developed for them.  The insights you gain can lead to changes that benefit others (or bring back lost customers).


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Alan Klement

Alan Klement

Principal at Customer Jobs Lab

Alan Klement helps teams and individuals become great at making and selling products that people will buy. His own experience as a successful innovator and entrepreneur is what makes him effective at helping others.  Alan is also the author of When Coffee and Kale Compete, a book about how using Jobs to be Done (Customer Jobs) can lead to better products and innovation.


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