In this episode, Paula Bell shares her tips and advice to break through the bureaucracy and red tape that holds many organizations back.

After listening to this episode, you'll understand:

  • How bureaucracy can slow down your progress
  • Why networking and stakeholder management is critical
  • Approaches to navigate office politics
  • How to NOT lose your integrity

Show Notes

Office politics can slow progress and even make it impossible to run a successful project.  The bureaucracy affects more than morale; it slows progress and makes it harder to get work done.  Understanding office politics and developing a strategy for managing stakeholders will help you to have greater influence and get more done.


Listen to the full episode to hear all of Paula’s tips on successfully navigating office politics.



Your Homework

Work to understand your company’s culture and how decisions are made.  This allows you to better understand people’s motivation and adapt your approach to get things done.


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Paula Bell

Paula Bell

Paula A. Bell Consulting, LLC

Paula Bell is a Business Analyst, consultant, mentor, author, and speaker known for providing guidance to aspiring business analysts.  She’s held just about every role in a RACI matrix including business analyst, technical writer, project manager, developer, test lead, and product owner.

Paula is a frequent speaker at industry conferences and writes articles on BA and project related topics.


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