Facilitation means more than running a meeting. Find out how you can facilitate the the value it brings to your organization.

Show Notes

What you hear the word facilitation, you often think of someone running a meeting.  Once you understand the true meaning of facilitate, you’ll understand that facilitation is much more than running meetings.

The word facilitate comes from the Latin word facilis, which means easy.  The current English definition of facilitate is to make an action or process easy or easier.

We often hear people complain that it’s hard to get things done in organizations.  Projects take too long.

What would it mean to your organization if your role was to make things easy?  That’s already your role.

How You Can Facilitate

If you’re a Project Manager, you can facilitate project delivery by making sure everyone understands the scope and value of the project.  You can also help break down work into smaller chunks that are easier to understand.

By mitigating risks and addressing dependencies, you can facilitate and accelerate delivery.

Product Owners can facilitate through good backlog management.  A prioritized, well understood backlog helps the team work on the right priorities and address the right customer problems.

Business Analysts can facilitate by developing a shared understanding with team members.  The written word leads to misinterpretations and delays.  Instead, be a facilitator and have discussions supplemented with diagrams and prototypes to get everyone aligned.

BAs can also make things easy for the team by breaking down requirements into small pieces.  These “atomic” requirements are easier to understand and helps the team to discover problems sooner.

Listen to the full episode to understand how you can make things easier for your team and your organization.

You Are a Facilitator

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