In this Lightning Cast, you’ll discover the value of competency models and how they can help you grow in your career.


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Competency Models can help define job level roles and expectations as well as help you determine development goals and career growth opportunities.

A competency model is a way of defining the knowledge, skills, abilities, and behaviors that define successful performance expectations.

Competency models can be used in several ways, including defining role levels within an organization and expectations of people at each level. You can also use a competency model to understand your current skill and knowledge level to define future goals and growth opportunities.

Its usage spans from Human Resources to People Managers and performance reviews to personal growth and career development.

The International Institute of Business Analysis recently updated their Competency Model and it helps Business Analysts understand the techniques and skills that apply in each of the BA knowledge areas that are expected based on your level of experience.

The IIBA Competency Model can be used by BA managers to set expectations and help develop other Business Analysts.  BAs can use the model to understand where they fit as far as expectations for their experience level and create a development plan for career growth.

Using their Competency Model, Self-Assessment Tool, and Career Action Guide together can lead to personal development and career growth.


Listen to the full episode to understand how to use the IIBA Competency Model to grow in your career.



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