Are you successful?  In this Lightning Cast, we explore what it looks like to be successful as a Business Analyst or Project Manager.


A Lightning Cast is a shorter form episode modeled after lightning talks.  You’ll get valuable content in 8 minutes or less.


What does success mean to you and are you successful at work?

Success as a Business Analyst or Project Manager is more than a fancy title, fat paycheck, or a corner office.  It has nothing to do with letters after your name for all of the certifications you hold.


8 Symptoms of Success as a Business Analyst or Project Manager:

  1. There is clarity of role and the value you provide while having the autonomy to determine how to best deliver that value
  2. You have a strong sense of purpose and excited about what you do.
  3. You are constantly learning and challenging yourself.
  4. You see failure as a learning opportunity.
  5. You enjoy helping others to succeed.
  6. You are assertive and confident; you feel safe to speak up and challenge the status quo.
  7. You stay calm under pressure.
  8. Beyond your job duties, you have a clear vision of your career goals and are making progress toward those goals every day.


Listen to the full episode to understand what success is (and is not) and learn more about the 8 symptoms of success.



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