In this Lightning Cast, Ryland Leyton helps us to flip the script during a job search to find the right opportunity.


A Lightning Cast is a shorter form episode modeled after lightning talks.  You’ll get valuable content in 8 minutes or less.


Flip the script on your employment search and how you approach looking for work.

We typically have a script in our head that says “I hope I get this job” or “I’m really qualified for this job”.  It’s always about hoping that they offer a job to us.

Stop being someone you hope they will give a job to.  Instead, think of yourself as a consumer of employment services.  You are considering the package of goods and services that the employer is giving you in exchange for your time and your work.

In your original script, you believe that you will do work and in exchange, you will receive a paycheck.  The payment and benefits being offered are commodities that you can likely get at many places.  What else distinguishes this employer for you?

Do they have high quality management?  What are the management services you will receive as part of the basket of opportunity in front of you?  Is the supervisor someone you will be able to learn from?

Consider the position, organization size, and culture, and how they match with your personal goals.

What does the job offer you?  If you’re exchanging your time, you want to make sure you’re exchanging it for the right things.

Flip the script and stop coming from a place of scarcity.  Come from a place of abundance.


Listen to the full episode to hear Ryland’s job search advice and how to find the right opportunity for you.



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