In this poem adapted from Clement Clark Moore’s “A Visit from St. Nicholas”, we get the Business Analyst version and find out what happens when the BA visits a struggling project team.


A Visit From the Business Analyst

‘Twas the night before planning and all across the floor
People were in a panic; the sponsor, stakeholders, and more.

The team was certainly trying their best
While secretly hoping to get out of this mess.

The developers at their computers, not sure what to do
Because the vision was lacking – no one had a clue.

The product owner was sitting, with palm against face.
Nothing made sense; not even the business case.

When out from the conference room there rose so much chatter
I looked up from my iPhone to see what was the matter.

Up from my seat to the conference room I flew
And peered in the window to see what I can view.

The reflection from the whiteboard lit up faces and feet
While attendees were sitting at the edge of their seat.

And to whom were attendees all shouting hooray?
It was none other than our friend the BA.

With facilitation so engaging and the way he behaved
I knew in a moment that our project was saved.

More rapid than eagles the diagrams he drew
To get better context and collaborate too.

Now process flows, scenarios, context diagrams, and rules
On whiteboards, on post-its, Visio and other tools.

Up from their seats and out to the hall
Now together in small teams, dash away all.

As ideas they strike when you’re in the shower,
When inspiration hits, you waste not an hour.

So out from the conference room attendees they flew
With a few great ideas and the analyst too.

And then at their desks they collaborated more.
The goal was now clear there was a buzz ‘cross the floor.

As I spun around, turning my head
Past flew the business analyst with markers of red.

He was dressed in a suit, how smart he did look;
Carrying a laptop and markers and a leather notebook.

A stack of post-its he held in his hands.
He was a rock star with plenty of fans.

His eyes how they twinkled giving an inspiring talk.
His movements were confident from his stance to his walk.

His words like a song the lyrics we all know.
His network was vast, not one was a foe.

The way his mind worked, he knew what to do;
He saw the big picture, and details too.

I went to shake his hand for all he had done;
He just cocked his head saying “To me this is fun”.

He had a smile on his face and a grip of my hand.
I smiled when I met him; we can go on as planned.

With a shared understanding and the goal so clear,
Soon gave me to know I had nothing to fear.

He wasted not a word but cut right to the chase;
He helped adjust the backlog and cheers filled the place.

I asked him candidly “how’d you pull off such a feat?”
He answered quite simply “it’s easy – I cheat”.

“When people collaborate and work well together
We accomplish our goals.  Alone? No, never.”

But I heard him exclaim as he walked out of sight
Let’s change projects for good . . . and to all a good night.


Thank you for listening to the show.  Merry Christmas and happy holidays however you celebrate.  I wish you, your family, and your organization a joyful and prosperous New Year!