In this episode, Nan Russell shares with us how to build trust and the effect increased trust (or the lack of trust) can have on your team and the organization.  She’ll also help us to understand how the little things we do can hurt the bigger things we want to do and how to use behavioral integrity and elevated communication to grow trust.

After listening to this episode, you will understand:

  • How to use behavioral integrity and elevated communication to grow trust
  • The impact trust or a lack of trust can have on your team
  • Why trust is never earned
  • How to be worthy of another person’s trust
  • What you can do to expand trust across the organization

Key Takeaways

The lack of trust in an organization leads to increased bureaucracy and the hording of information. With trust, there’s less overhead and people are free to innovate and do more great work.

Most people get it backwards when building trust and start with someone else. Start with yourself. Be worthy of another person’s trust. Building trust is a skill and you must make a conscious decision to create it. We can do this by:

  1. Having competence in our role. Competence is the first parameter people need to demonstrate.
  2. Create an alignment between your words and your actions. This means acting with behavioral integrity.
  3. Manage and clarify expectations so that there is a clear understanding as to what is expected.
  4. Use elevated communication by making a decision about whether the relationships matters more than any single outcome. This includes everything from thoughtful transparency to the understanding of self-behavior.
  5. Extend trust to others.

Remember that trust is never earned, trust must always be given. Create a winning culture in your team or organization. It’s hard not to build trust when you show up as authentic people doing great work.

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