Interview with Ken HowwardIn this episode, consultant and author Ken Howard shares with us how to discover the right method to work with and communicate requirements to project team members.  He also dispels some myths about introverts and helps us to understand how introverts can benefit agile teams.

In this episode, Ken shares with us:

  • A method for discovering someone’s communication style
  • How to adapt to another person’s communication style for better engagement
  • What it means to be an introvert
  • How introverts can succeed in an environment that values face-to-face interaction

Links and Resources Mentioned:

Effect of face-to-face interactions for introverts

Myth: Being introverted means that you’re shy or anti-social. They don’t do well on agile teams.

Fact: Introverts get more energy from working alone.  They can work well with others even in large groups, and can deliver value for agile teams.

Agile values face-to-face interaction for better collaboration.  To work effectively, introverts may need time to themselves to recharge.  This will also allow them to focus on their work and deliver value.

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