In this time of unrelenting change, we need leadership at all levels. Here’s what you need to help your team succeed.



We live in a time of unrelenting change.  To enable teams and organizations to deal with this new reality, we need a different approach to leadership at all levels.

Adaptive Leadership is a practice developed by a Harvard Psychiatrist that allows us to better adapt to change.  This is even more important as more and more organizations embrace Agile ways of working.

When people experience change, there’s often emotional and cognitive distortions.   Change impacts your emotional state by causing under stress and triggering the fight, flight, or freeze response.

At a cognitive level, change also causes loss regret, which means that people would rather do nothing because they fear doing the wrong thing.  It also causes us to overestimate the impact and duration of a change.

Adaptive leadership is much different from the heroic leader standing on top of a mountain.  It’s more of a leadership lattice with everyone playing the part of a leader.  We’re all leading, all talking responsibility, and all mobilizing with the understanding that we need to adapt.  Adaptive leadership is about empowering people.


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Find a thought leader and start absorbing information.  That will help train your mind to think in a different way.

Hold a weekly self-retrospective.  Write down 2-5 things you did that week and reflect on what you could have done better.


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David Mantica

David Mantica

VP and General Manager at SoftEd

David Mantica believes leaders should be servants to their organizations and people.  He is the Vice President and General Manager at SoftEd, a consultancy that offers advisory and education services to help organizations discover new ways of working for better business outcomes.  David is a frequent speaker on Project Management, Business Analysis, and leadership.


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