PMO Virtual Summit

The PMO Virtual Summit – October 16-18

Imagine joining 20 amazing PMO experts for 25 exciting presentations & interviews – all for free (not even any travel cost).  The PMO Virtual Summit is your a one-stop learning fest for aspiring and first-time PMO leaders and to put your PMO on the path to success. To register for this free event, click here.

This event includes a hand-selected collection of bestselling authors and seven figure PMO experts for a 3-day seminar that’s entirely devoted to giving you the skills and insights to become a professional PMO leader.  You’ll learn how to get a Project Management Office underway and receive the battle-tested ideas you need for YOUR unique situation.

It’s called the PMO Virtual Summit, and access is free.  All you need to do is register to get your ticket to this summit.

Claim your free ticket here.

Aren’t you tired of doing things the traditional “internet” way? Scraping together bits and pieces from forums, podcasts, and blogs? Here’s ONE place you can go that’s got all the information you need in order to establish yourself and thrive.  Why not learn from experts and practitioners that have made it the hard way – trained over 80,000 people, have the most viewed project management courses in the world, and have made or saved seven figures for the most powerful companies on the globe.

Don’t wait because you’re only going to get to see this live and for free for three days starting on October 16th.  See below for more free resources for PMO success.

Free E-Book Offer

Get the e-book PMO Success: Under The Hood – it contains the knowledge and experience of over 20 Project Management Office experts, all collaborating to give you the strongest possible start to your PMO.

PMO Success EBook

Inside you’ll discover:

  • Times you should bail on a PMO as soon as it’s offered to you
  • The one skill you MUST master before getting the top PMO role – and the one that’s entirely overrated
  • How “three cups of coffee” can make your job as leader so much easier (Hint: don’t drink them in the morning!)
  • The very first thing you should do when you’re on the job officially
  • How to respond when someone says “show me the value!”
  • There’s no PMO tool at your organization (or the current one is really bad). Which tool would you get?
    And much, much more.

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Template Pack Tool Kit

Get a free package of templates to give you what you need for the smooth creation of a Project Management Office or the help to get it on the right track.  This tool kit includes:

  • Resource guide for change communication
  • Productivity checklists for project managers
  • Productivity for project managers
  • Project status reporting made easy
  • PMO stakeholders identification guide
  • Timesaver deck for creating beautiful presentations quickly

That means zero worrying about the “little roadblocks” that are threatening to put your PMO in a ditch – and more time enjoying the smoothest possible ride.  Click here to get the free PMO template pack