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Project failure rates are staggering, resulting in lost revenue, wasted money, and dissatisfaction.


Projects Late, Over Budget, or Challenged


Failed Projects


Successful Project

Billions spent annually on projects (United States alone)

Top 10 Reasons for Project Failure

Causes of project failure

A majority of the top 10 reasons for project failure are within the control or influence of today’s project professionals; lack of user input, incomplete and changing requirements, unclear objectives, and the like.

Click on the image to see an expanded view of the top 10 reasons projects fail.

That’s why I started this podcast – to give you the tools you need to successfully deliver projects.  But it’s not just about delivering on time and with the requested scope.  It’s also about becoming a Value Manager and helping you advise your organization to make the right decisions and deliver the right solutions.

Each episode provides valuable information to address the causes of project failure and gives you the tools, techniques, and knowledge you need to succeed.

Get started by checking out the latest episodes of my podcast.  Then, use the icons below to navigate to the area you want to focus on based on your current role.  Whether you’re just starting out or you’re a seasoned professional, we have something for you to take your skills to the next level.

Symptoms of Success

Lightning Cast: Symptoms of Success

Are you successful?  Explore what it looks like to be successful as a Business Analyst or Project Manager.

MBA156: The Power of Mentoring

Want to take your skills and your career to the next level?  A mentoring relationship can do just that.  Discover how to find the right mentor and create an effective mentoring relationship.

Hiring Business Analysts and Project Managers

MBA155: Hiring BAs and PMs

Are you a hiring manager looking for great BA and PM candidates? Find out how to find the best candidates for your organization. Job seekers will discover how to best prepare for a job search.

Change Leadership

MBA154: Change Leadership

Implementing change in an organization goes beyond requirements and change management. You need Change Leadership to help people adjust to the change. Here’s how!

Business Analyst on a Scrum Team

Lightning Cast: BA on a Scrum Team

Find out what a Business Analyst does on a Scrum team and how you can use your BA skills in a different way to help the team.

Getting Started

Just starting your career? Let me help you start off right.

Experienced Professional

Are you a seasoned professional? Let’s advance your career.


Agile is a mindset. Let’s get you the tools and knowledge to be successful.

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