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Don't throw it over the wall

Lightning Cast: Don’t Throw it Over the Wall

Avoid the epidemic of creating an output and throwing it over the wall to another team.
Business Analysis in Agile

MBA185: Business Analysis in Agile

James Robertson shares some of the challenges associated with an Agile transformation and how Business Analysts can provide the most value to the organization.

Non-functional Requirements in Agile

Lightning Cast: Non-Functional Requirements in Agile

Find out how to make non-functional requirements visible in an Agile context.

Discover What Customers Want with Jobs to be Done

MBA184: Discover What Customers Want with JTBD

Discover unmet customer needs with Jobs to be Done and a unique customer interview technique.

We Are the Business

Lightning Cast: We Are the Business

Break down those silos and avoid the “us vs. them” mentality between business and technology.

Getting Started

Just starting your career? Let me help you start off right.

Experienced Professional

Are you a seasoned professional? Let’s advance your career.
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