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Backlog refinement

MBA107: Backlog Refinement – From Misunderstanding to Collaborative Discovery

Richard Dolman helps us take backlog refinement from an underutilized meeting that doesn’t get the respect it deserves to a powerful forum for collaborative discovery.

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Rapid Requirements Gathering

MBA106: Rapid Requirements Gathering

Scott Killen shares an approach for quickly eliciting a majority of project requirements with very little prep work.

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Best Advice I Ever Received

MBA105: The Best Advice I Ever Received

Thought leaders in Business Analysis share the best advice they ever received.

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Predictions for 2017

MBA104: Predictions for 2017

What does the future hold for Business Analysis? Here are my predictions for 2017.

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How Mr. Finch Stole the Project

MBA103: How Mr. Finch Stole the Project

Hear the holiday tale of Mr. Finch as he tries to sabotage the project, read in the style of the popular children’s author, Dr. Seuss.

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