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Prepare to level up your business analysis skills and advance your career.  Every podcast episode is packed with valuable tips and effective practices that will help you achieve more whether you’re a Business Analyst, Product Owner, Project Manager, or other project professional.

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MBA086: DocOps – Keep Your Documentation Agile

In this episode, Mary Connor shows us the power of DocOps; an approach to delivering documentation as lean and as fast as possible.  After listening to this episode, you'll understand: What DocOps is and how it differs from DevOps Three principles behind...

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MBA085: From Models to Stories

In this episode, Candase Hokanson helps to understand how to use visual models to not only create a shared understanding, but also to identify user stories and prioritize your backlog.  After listening to this episode, you'll understand: How to use models to...

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Check out the Mastering Business Analysis podcast.  Each episode brings you valuable, actionable content to improve your business analysis skills.  Whether you’re a Business Analyst, Project Manager, Product Owner, or anyone else who performs analysis, you’ll find that each episode has tips and effective practices to level up your skills.


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